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Who We Are

Groupe Bonswende, owned 90 percent of the west Africa production of Gold. He also acquired a large stake in the Transvaal gold mines, which had been discovered in 2005, and formed the Gold Fields of Burkina Faso Company in 2005.

We Groupe Bonswende are specialized in the worldwide trade of :
  • Gold (Gold dust, Gold nuggets, Gold Dore, Gold bars...)
  • Rough Diamonds from Africa.

You can beat the competition and improve your bottom line by partnering with international Gold traders.

For Importers : Partnering with us offers several key advantages:
  • direct relationship with major world suppliers without brokers' chain.
  • Access to latest information on availability and prices of offered commodities
  • Most competitive service, quality and prices.

For Buyers : The partnership with us means :
  • Penetration and expansion into new
  • Access to our well established network of African exporters

For every buyer, there is a seller. Gold has a price. Someone is selling gold.
  • The major sellers of gold are Gold mining companies, central banks and gold speculators. Then there are short-term speculators/sellers who sell promises to deliver gold in the future at a fixed price, but do not own their own gold. We call them short sellers.
  • Gold mining companies sell gold because that’s what they do; it's their business. Their gold reserves in the ground are well known and considered / factored into current prices. Mines that sell gold short at a fixed price reap no or very little profit from a rising price of gold. They’ve already locked in a specific price, and this is what they are paid when they deliver.
  • Gold buyers who buy long – promised to buy the mine’s output at a fixed price – is the winner. For many years, numerous mines or gold sellers have been selling short, called forward selling. They typically win when gold’s prices go down. Now they are possibly losing. The amount of gold being sold by mines and gold sellers for future delivery is now drying up.
  • The market has been going against short sellers, i.e., forward sellers. Central banks have been big sellers, although in a disguised form. They have landed out their gold for about 1% per annum – the cheapest borrowed money on earth. Their official gold reserves remain constant.

Please Note and Respect :
  • We Do Not Work with Any Intermediaries Who are Not Directly Connected to a Principal!!
  • If you do not have the legal authority to sign a contract or write a check, we do not want to be approached whatsoever!
  • Because of the high-level nature of our clientele, we do NOT work with broker chains: We cut through the BS and seek quality, respectful and honest long-term relationships with each of our client buyers.
  • To Repeat! Important : If you are intermediaries who are not Directly connected to a principal, please do not waste our time or yours. We act with integrity, and we have no tolerance for intermediary interference.

Thank you for respecting these wishes.