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Our Management Team

Groupe Bonswende is operated by a management team in Burkina Faso and a network of associates around the world. We prefer to keep the operation light, flexible & responsive. The team is in constant communication to ensure that all clients are given the very best service possible.

Profile : Mr. Kone Bakary director was born and raised in the Kaya (Burkina Faso) and began his career in Commodity consultancy working for many world-class companies before starting his own agency representing private enterprise in 2005.

Mr, Kone Bakary has extensive experience of building & managing professional relationships with clients and third-party buyers and suppliers.

Q : How would you describe your management style?
“My style is relaxed and confident. My businesses are built on three principles; professionalism, integrity and flexibility”

Mr, Kone Bakary has led many delicate and high-value contract negotiations during the past 10 years, resolving differences whilst delivering to tight deadlines.

Q : How would you describe your negotiating style?
“I firmly believe in the win: win scenario. I strive to build long-term relationships that benefit all parties”

The shrinkage of local markets into one global village presents an ever-increasing number of exciting opportunities. The company prides itself on identifying and researching products and trends; bringing new opportunities to our clients.

Q : Why did you choose to focus on commodities?
“Being part of the manufacturing process from raw material into finished product is very satisfying. It’s hard to get excited about abstract products like futures and options!”